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Novel - Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate For A Thousand Years - Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate For A Thousand Years

Chapter 73 – Demon King Dian Su, Daoist Calm Sky stranger religion

Presently, the Fusang Tree experienced already started to manufacture Paradise and Globe Nature Qi. Although it was very fragile, it was a fantastic warning sign.

On the blink connected with an eyes, another several years pa.s.sed.

Yang Tiandong's eyeballs flickered.

The most important thing was this seed. Whether it died, there might be no following prospect!

Yang Tiandong's eyeballs flickered.

Xun Chang'an squatted down and looked nervously for the Fusang Tree seed. He dug out the nearby snowfall to avoid the seed from being freezing.

“We are already awaiting Demon Queen Dian Su to awaken and make a comeback. The effective cultivators from in the past are already miles away. The latest Wonderful Yan can't end Demon Emperor Dian Su!”

Yang Tiandong endured in the tree and anxiously waited. His body was coated in snow.

He didn't recognize, nevertheless it was amazing.

The positioning of the Deity Slaying Elder was really easy to know. The Cultivate Diligently Turn into Immortal Mountain was already the site along with the most prosperous Soul Qi in the total sect. The disciples could speculate that it was where Deity Slaying Elder is at seclusion.

Puzzled, Xun Chang'an questioned, “My error?”

Yang Tiandong stood under the shrub and anxiously waited. His system had also been dealt with in snowfall.

Disguised as a little guy disciple, Daoist Sooth Heavens retained a book that noted the type of demon beasts inside the Ten Thousand Demon World.

The snow protecting Wonderful Yan had also melted.

Yang Tiandong frowned.

Millions of several years down the road, it would connect with one more world…

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Old Shrub Demon began to converse of the past, his develop filled with hatred.

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The substantial world was coated in snowfall.

After hurting the Deity Slaying Elder, really should he eliminate the Jade Natural Sect without anyone observing?

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Yang Tiandong's eyes flickered.

Soon after seven years, the Fusang Shrub had cultivated right into a sapling.

Soon after looking at the Fusang Plant, Han Jue begun to extend his system. He ended up being meditation for days on end, consequently it was good to exercising from time to time.