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Novel - The Legend of Futian - The Legend of Futian

Chapter 2278 - Cruel replace political

“Bring them to the Crimson Dragon World,” directed Ye Futian. “Crimson Dragon Emperor, make agreements for all the survivors with this world to always be transferred to your Crimson Dragon World.”

This youngsters was most probably a straight descendant on the chief of any giant-degree pressure in the Dark Entire world. Its standing was similar to those of the Sacred Terrain of Taichu.

They really traveled to this kind of lengths.

They really traveled to such lengths.

Rumble. Horrifying could in the Great Course descended and pressed downward through the heavens. Murderous motive flared up in Renhuang Chen’s eyeballs since he stared with the dark-colored-robed youth. He acquired developed in the Ziwei Segmentum for years. Nevertheless, he had never found this type of bloodthirsty cultivator like this youth. The cost of our lives was unimportant during the youth’s eyeballs. He actually utilised people to refine his existence power for his personal farming.

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Not a long time after, they found another kingdom. The atmosphere of dying also pervaded this kingdom. A horrifying will of loss of life appeared to envelop the heavens and planet. The clouds of loss loomed during the overall sky, within the sunshine.

It turned out too terrible.

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Rumble. Terrifying may well on the Terrific Path descended and pushed down from your heavens. Murderous purpose flared up in Renhuang Chen’s eyeballs as he stared with the dark-robed youngsters. He possessed developed within the Ziwei Segmentum for several years. Yet still, he experienced never observed a really bloodthirsty cultivator this way younger years. The cost of human everyday life was insignificant in the youth’s eye. He actually applied people to improve his existence pressure for his personal cultivation.

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“No desire for formalities,” explained Ye Futian. “Crimson Dragon Emperor, have you figured out in which the drive with the Dimly lit Environment is now?”

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As predicted, it turned out as Lord Taixuan others experienced surmised this. There had been an lifestyle who experienced made it through a divine tribulation of your Good Way among the list of pressure through the Dark Society. This power was likely a superpower in the Darker Community who had descended upon the very first Kingdom. People were while using everyday life of the members of an original World to polish the life span pressure for cultivation.

Crimson Dragon Emperor discussed, “They employed individuals to polish existence power for his or her personal cultivation. It is an extremely evil dim art work. Presently, numerous realms deal with the danger of staying eradicated. Before this, the Divine Mandate Academy also directed persons downward here, but even they already have not caused it to be back again still living. Another party might be a really potent compel in the Dark World. Or else, they will not dare to act without restraint.” This brought on Ye Futian’s gaze to filter. A cool, murderous look flashed prior in their view.

This youth was likely a strong descendant with the chief of the large-levels compel at night Planet. Its rank was akin to that of the Sacred Area of Taichu.

A Traveler Across The Worlds

On the way, Ye Futian asked Crimson Dragon Emperor, “What has this compel finished?”

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“Crimson Dragon Emperor,” welcomed Ye Futian as he went forwards. The Crimson Dragon Emperor bowed and said, “Greetings, Renhuang Ye.”

As you go along, Ye Futian requested Crimson Dragon Emperor, “What has this compel done?”

Chapter 2278: Cruel

This became a living h.e.l.l.


Ye Futian withstood up, together with a flash, he appeared beside Renhuang Chen. Starlight twinkled around Renhuang Chen, plus it enveloped the group from it. The subsequent moment, starlight shone, and they vanished.


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Viral buzz. Renhuang Chen unleashed a daunting will, and it also broadened outwards to the length. He said, “Let’s track down the push from the Darker Community first. Usually, much more everyday life are going to be diminished.”

This youngsters was most probably a direct descendant of the innovator of your massive-amount pressure at nighttime Environment. Its condition was akin to those of the Holy Land of Taichu.

Ye Futian as well as the others appeared inside the palace with the Crimson Dragon Kingdom. The Crimson Dragon Emperor personally got to accepted them.


That was an income h.e.l.l.

From inside this altar, countless dark areas did actually rush out, shouting to the long distance endlessly. In the divine consciousness of Renhuang Chen as well as the other folks, they noticed countless cultivators shrouded and bound by these dark areas. The cultivators were definitely swept up into the atmosphere, after which their life pressure was removed and taken from them. Their lifestyle power was channeled into the center of the altar and eaten by this youth.

Not a long time after, they came to another realm. The atmosphere of dying also pervaded this world. A frightening will of dying did actually envelop the heavens and world. The clouds of loss loomed on the entire atmosphere, covering the sunlight.

“Alright. Let us head over immediately,” reported Ye Futian.

The Divine Light of s.p.a.ce flashed, and right away, Ye Futian came out on the floor. A female transporting just a little girl was relaxing on a lawn. She stared blankly at her surroundings. The eyes with the young girl ended up stuffed with terror. Some old bodies were definitely lying before them.

The minute Renhuang Chen unleashed his may well, the atmosphere did actually crumble. Rumbling noises preserved thundering. The material pillars collapsed, as well as altar was wrecked. The great s.p.a.ce took over as the sector of Renhuang Chen.

The youngsters at the middle of the altar brought up his top of your head. Menacing mild of loss of life flashed in their pupils when he stared at Ye Futian and his class. The youth’s volume of cultivation was powerful. He was an eighth-level Renhuang. His aura was unfathomable. In addition, he was guarded through the Tribulation amount mighty living. You could imagine the rank in the youth.

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When he discovered the existing Ye Futian, the Crimson Dragon Emperor was stressed. While they got not experienced a lot of interactions, he knew everything that had took place to Ye Futian. Back in the moment, Ye Futian with his fantastic brother Yu Sheng obtained previously developed during the Crimson Dragon Realm for a period of time. That they had even stirred up a serious thunderstorm whenever they entered the palace.