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Chapter 378 - Ellena's Story temporary swim

The Journey to the Polar Sea

Was she outside of her brain?

"Ellena! I need to speak to you!"

Ahh... what time was it moreover? She was questioning. She has been holding out within the collection for pretty much 8-10 time already. She was damn famished.

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Ought to she go and feed on a thing?

"Ellena! I need to talk with you!"

Ellena shook her mind. "No, she needs to have Draec and she desired we assist her, in return for her confession. She is not gone."

"What independence have you been dealing with?" Mars balled his fists. "She is gone. Have she wish to die?"


Should really she go and feed on one thing?

"This is the king's examine, my woman. The prince is expecting you interior." The servant bowed down a little and started the entranceway to the analysis for Ellena.

"Ellena will be here. You don't have to shout," explained Gewen when he patted Mars's backside. "You're scaring her."

"What did you do?" Mars asked, striving so difficult not to ever raise his speech.

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"In which would you acquire the message?" He questioned Ellena snugly. "Reply to me!"

So, what do Ellena indicate by supplying Emmelyn what she wished?

"I-I am just sorry, Your Highness.. I shouldn't have presented the letter," she cried. "I ought to have burnt it and do not help you see it... I am just so, sorry... I used to be also emotive."

"Appreciate it. Just where is he now?" she claimed.

EMERALD TOWER, 8-10 Hrs Later on

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Chapter 378 - Ellena's Scenario

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Ellena tiny bit her lip. She understood this query would come and she was prepared using the solution. When she responded to Mars's question, her tone of voice wavered. She, too, was deeply emotionally charged.

"Wh-while i... traveled to her, she offered to make a note of her confession in exchange for her convenience. She reported... if she stated the reality, you will observe her for who she truly is so you can overlook her." Ellena sobbed. "I was so self-centered. I cherished you so much and wanted to perhaps you have personally that we offered straight into her enticement."

"I gave her what she needed..." cried Ellena. "You should.. remember to don't notify my grandfather the things i have. He will punish me so harshly."

"I presented her the freedom she wished for," claimed Ellena haltingly. "She assured she will go as far as you possibly can of you and end up forgetting about every little thing between the two of you. She'd refer to it as even since she had killed your mother and inflict the battling for your daddy. She talked me into it... And I was so poor... so I reported sure..."

Ellena shook her head. "No, she wants to have Draec and she desired i always help her, in exchange for her confession. She is not dead."

Ellena reported Emmelyn had not been old?

Ought to she go and take in some thing?

"His Highness claimed he will navigate to the king's study and loose time waiting for you there," the servant replied.

Mars believed his ears had been actively playing strategies on him.

Mars checked out the mourning women and sighed. He decreased his voice and went toward Ellena. "Remember to tell me what happened between you and Emmelyn, to make sure that her note could land in the hands. I need to know."