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V.Gfiction 《MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master》 - Chapter 72 - Exploiting The Bug mature supply to you-p3


Novel - MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master - MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

Chapter 72 - Exploiting The Bug woman wreck

Infamy :

PHY : 214 +107 Hewlett packard : 16000/16000


It observed also quick .


even silence has an end

Person Brand : Shakuni

A string of damage showed up as the worth tips went up up and up.

Dog : bizarre ovum (Incubation) (1/200)

At hour 36 , all main power identified the problem very odd and started out their research to the make any difference.

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The Cuber institution possessed a serious event reaching these days.... To discuss the sudden go up of the Accurate Elites guild .... What does the near future have in store for the Elites?

Unbeknownst in their mind , the True Elites decisions have created an uproar about the community forums. For your 1st 20 time all looked okay ..... However another person discovered the insane levelling pace in addition to boost in mertis at that time.

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However even when the 47 hour or so tag , noone found the insane glitch yet.

The equipment stated their success however

Level : 1

Tier : 1

old english evil names

A similar never-ending cycle persisted for 47 hours.

A similar cycle ongoing for 47 many hours.

" I truly feel give up hope contrasting myself in their mind , im trash can ".

Person Name : Shakuni

Across the 29 hours level , the interaction received energy also there were definitely growing people.

Elegance :???

Though the guy was instantly restricted in the web server .

" I suppose they just steamrolled the dungeon ".

+4 merit

At the end every person levelled up like 9 occasions. Rudra levelled up 8 periods. Accumulating a tremendous area of worth and also concentrations .


-12000 Vital Struck



" Internet marketing safe from the real elites now , absolutely nothing shocks me about the subject nowadays ".

One particular key transform that occured was the position and dog slots unlocked for Rudra while he Reached levels 40 and the unfamiliar egg moved into incubation time for 200 days.

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" They may have exploited a bug?".

+4 merit

Around the 29 60 minutes indicate , the conversation gained momentum and also there have been expanding members.


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The machine proclaimed their success even though

Lots of inquired precisely how they did it. Although many guilds arranged to pay leading buck for your information and facts .